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Projects In Development

Snap A Linux system snapshotter

Nethack Encyclopedia for Android

Aeolus the open source cloud computing API

Fedora Packages - release engineer/maintainer of Ruby, Rails, JRuby, Aeolus, and a ton of other packages


Redmine Plugins - patchmine, blogroll, static

Completed Professional Projects


Mr. Logistics (team lead)


Drupal Plugins

Completed Acadaemic Projects

College Notes


Kernel Development

more coming soon

Discontinued Projects

Syracuse Innovators Guild (Cofounder / First VP / Interim President)

RAGE The Ruby Advanced Gaming Engine

RXSD A XSD <=> Ruby Translator

Simrpc A Simple RPC module for Ruby

Motel Movable Object Tracking Encompassing Locations

Romic Relational Object Mapping In C++

Manic Messaging And Networking In C++

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